Paul Okoye Singer maintains silence as Jude Okoye, Peter Okoye clash


As siblings vocalist Peter Okoye and chief Jude Okoye proceed with their war of words on Twitter, Paul Okoye has kept quiet.
The 34-year-old arranger and artist hasn’t let out the slightest peep on online networking as his siblings battle on Twitter. On his Instagram account Paul Okoye’s last post was yesterday (February 16) preceding the show began.

Today, Paul Okoye has been occupied with tweeting radio connections of his radio stations playing his artiste’s new tune. Why hasn’t Paul Okoye picked a side in this fight? It is safe to say that he is in favor of his singing accomplice Peter Okoye or his sibling Jude Okoye?

Subside Okoye has made it clear that he doesn’t need Jude Okoye to be the administrator of the gathering Psquare. Jude Okoye then again said Peter has experienced a great deal and he needs supplications to God.

Later in the day Peter Okoye let go back and said Jude Okoye needs God.

This is the second time in two years that the Psquare brand has been included in an open fracture of sorts. In April, 2014 there were solid bits of gossip that Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye had part.

It was accounted for that Peter Okoye declined to do anything with Psquare on the grounds that he supposedly felt his info and commitments were not being genuinely considered. A few reports went similarly as saying that an attorney had been summoned to part the Psquare fortune into two so that Peter Okoye could leave.

Cooler heads won and the twins were convinced one once more. They discharged their 6th studio collection ‘Twofold Trouble’ after the split disaster.

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