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Naijaplaylist Profile: Naijaplaylist Productions is a Media and Entertainment Company which major objective is to move the Nigeria Music Scene to the next level.

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Music Community

Naijaplaylist Productions has designed its own social music community where artiste can reach out to its fans and promote his/her own playlist. Its so easy to use and manage. We have created a profile page for every artiste which you can use to upload your songs, send links of your playlist to friends,fans following you.
The number of fans you have following would make an effective impact in your playlist, reach out to your fans at where and when u're performing at a particular event.
Naijaplaylist i.e. helps you to connect, network and spread your music globally.

Radio Air Play

Naijaplaylist "Radio Air Play" is the compilation of both establish and upcoming artiste in their different genre to appeal to their fans through this medium, promotion and distribution their music beyond reach.
Its not a 'For Sale' cd, its a promo cd which is meant for Radio air play only. It includes the profile/biography of an outstanding artiste per edition, a list of good vibrant upcoming artistes, fresh songs from A-listers.
All these and more to what we believe our client would appreciate and would want to invest in the building up and development of entertainment around us.
We distribute the 'Radio Air Play' cds to different radio stations via Postal delivery, online services i.e. Emails etc.
Its a cd to reckon with in terms of music releases all around the world.

Artiste Repete

Artiste and Repete: its part of our mission to scout for talented musicians and put them into the lime light. We would like to use this medium to relate with all Record Label owners as to the growth and image of their company. We help to discover potential in an artiste, help management to decide what to promote, strategic marketing etc.

Our Events

Our event is one of the fast growing platform and musical showcase we have in our Nigeria Music Scene. Which headlines A-list artiste performing on each of its edition. An avenue to network, connect with peers and scout for talent. We reach out to Record Label Executives, Music promoters etc to get involve in the show.






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